Extremely simple to calibrate…

In January I bought a PS-525 Pitot/Static tester from you.

This is just to let you know how pleased I am with it.
I have used it maybe twice a week since purchase, on a wide variety of general aviation aircraft up to and including the Pilatus PC-12.

I much prefer it to the traditional Pitot/Static testers which are both bulky, noisy and slower to respond. I also like the fact that differential pressures across the Airspeed sensor don´t cause damage to it as with a conventional tester with an ASI.

Occasionally I rent an RVSM Air Data Testset which has a very tight tolerance. I have connect the PS-525 to it and used it as
a calibration standard. Again I can testify that the PS-525 is extremely simple to calibrate and appears not to loose accuracy.

Many thanks,

Simon Cooper
STC Aviation Services

Simply amazing!

We just received our new PS-525 pitot-static test box and are delighted to have it and begin to put it to use.  I am thoroughly impressed at the accuracy of both the altimeter and the airspeed indicator – simply amazing!

Bruce H. Missionary Aviation Fellowship

Works Great

Just wanted to say Thank You for the good service. Just finished a data correspondence and works
great, Jim Carter (Buckeye Airport)