About Us

About Us

Preston Pressure opened for business in 2006. The name Preston was chosen because the business was located near Preston Road, which is a well-known road coming out of Dallas, Texas. We are now located near Bonham, Texas, about 60 miles north-north east of Dallas.

The original product was the PS-525 tester, and this still remains the most popular item for customers. In 2008 the ALT-621 series was added, enabling customers to upgrade their current testers with drop-in digital indicators. In 2009 the PS-425 pitot-static tester began production, and has been a great success.

Many product improvements have been incorporated since the original designs were introduced, including improved sensors, valves, displays and software. Preston Pressure has provided all software upgrades at no cost, and others at significant cost savings. Our goal is to have happy customers.

Where are we?


Preston Pressure LLC

Postal address:  228 County Road 1281, Bonham, TX 75418

(Physical address on some maps: 228 County Road 1281, Ector, TX)

Telephone: 903-215-8118